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Régis Colombo

Geboren in der Schweiz

Lebt und arbeitet in der Schweiz


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Admired for over a decade for his photos of Indochina, the Sahara and China, Swiss photographer Régis Colombo has come out from behind the lens for his new and innovative digital fusion project. Buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard, the Dalai Lama's famous official interpreter, said in praise of his pictures that they are a tribute to the inner beauty of people and the sparkling light of places. This new collection is very likely to confirm his high praise. 


The artist has in effect reinterpreted his own negatives, gleaned through years of travel, in an exclusive collection titled: Transparencies. 


A single layer of successive, static blended images, Colombo's works are at first glance disconcerting, with their highly colorful tones and apparent abstractness. A closer look reveals subtle interactions between elements straight out of a Prévert poem: exotic trees, old cars, indigeous people, telephone cards, escalators, camels, and a gas pump & Colombo's compositions are like a daydream in which the fragmented memories of the traveler, the thief of always, are mixed in with all the irrationality that make good memories. They capture the rare essence of places that human activity will soon have reduced to silence.



Selected personal exhibitions


2013   Cité du Temps, Genf 


2012   Gallery 2016, Hauterive NE


2011   S Art Space Gallery, New York


2011   Swiss Arts Space, Lausanne


2010   Sparts Gallery, Paris


2010   Art By Genève, Genf



Collective exhibitions


2009   Sparts Gallery, Paris


2009   Town Hall, Paris


2008   World Photojournalism Festival, China

The latest exhibition at the Cité du Temps, "Transparencies", running from 4. September to 7. Oktober 2013.