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ABC Group



Art Business Consulting Group was founded in Moscow in 2000. The members are Maxim Ilyukhin, Struchkova Natasha, Mikhail Kosolapov. The group enjoys a wide range of works, like photo and video projects, installations, performances, street and office objects, sculpture, painting, plastic arts, etc. Since 2004, the group has its own public space, the gallery office laboratory ABC. The ABC gallery annually participates in the fair Art Moscow and organizes monthly exhibitions. All members are involved and their personal projects separately from the group.



  • 2006 “Annual Report” in the Education Center of the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg,
  • 2006 “diffusers” in the advertising agency BBDO, Moscow
  • 2006 “diffusers”, Gallery Theatre Practice, Moscow
  • 2005 “Peripheral vision”, Hotel Anthelope, Chapter, Cardiff (Wales, UK)
  • 2005 “photographic object on legs”, Reflex Gallery, Moscow
  • 2005 “Prezentuar LLC”, office of the Moscow company Prezentuar, Moscow
  • 2005 “accomplice”, the Tretyakov Gallery, in one part of the Second Moscow Biennale
  • 2004 “Digital Russia”, CHA, Moscow
  • 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Winter Festival Art Klyazma, Moscow region
  • 2001 “Deadline”, OGI Street Gallery, Moscow


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