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Three artists united as AES group in 1987. In some projects since 1995 the group collaborates with photographer Vladimir FRIDKES (AES+F group). The group creates various fantasy worlds, combining classical western mythology with contemporary global consumerism. An example for this work is the digital video installation “The Feast of Trimalchio”.
Using the
imagery of high-fashion, cinema, lifestyle magazines and luxury design, “The Feast of Trimalchio” is an Olympic-sized orgy of
wealth and pleasure. Their work also includes photo-projects, video, sculptures (Angels + Demons. Parade) and installations.


Tatiana Arzamasova:
Born in 1955, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute-State Academy in 1987.
Currently lives and works in Moscow.
winner “Grand-prix” of a jointly OISTT and UNESCO competition “Theatre of the Future”.

Lev Ezovitch:
Born in 1958, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute – State Academy in 1982.
Worked as art director
in animation film and as art director in film “Sunset”.

Evgeny Svyatsky:
Born in 1957, graduated from Moscow University of Printing Arts in 1980.
Worked as creative director in
few publishing houses in Moscow.
currently works and lives in Moscow

Vladimir Fridkes:
Born 1956, currently works and lives in Moscow
Works as a photographer of fashion. Published in magazines: VOGUE, Harper»s Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Sunday Times Style and others.



  • 2010-2011 «Allegoria Sacra». HD multichannel video, series of photographs, series of digital collages, AES+F. (Work in progress) «The Feast of Trimalchio». HD Video 1-channel version, series of digital collages, AES+F.
  • 2009 «Angels-Demons», Series of sculptures (fiberglass), AES+F. «The Feast of Trimalchio».HD video 9-, 3- and 1-channel versions, AES+F. «The Feast of Trimalchio».Series of digital collages, AES+F. (Work in progress).
  • 2008 «Europe, Europe». Series of porcelain sculptures, AES+F. «The Feast of Trimalchio».Series of digital collages, video and sculptures, AES+F. (Work in progress).
  • 2007 «Europe, Europe», a series of porcelain sculptures, AES, (work in progress). «The First Rider», a plastic sculpture, AES+F, (work in progress). «Last Riot», HD video, 1-channel & 3-channel versions, AES+F. «Last Riot. Sculptures», an aluminum sculpture group, AES+F, (work in progress). «Defile», a series of digital collages (light boxes) and multimedia, AES+F, (work in progress).


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