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  • Russian painter and artist, representative of the school of Moscow conceptualism.
  • He was born in 1964 in Odessa.
  • In 2001-2002 Sergei Anufriev worked as art director at the “Guelman Gallery” in Kiev, then in Moscow.
  • In 2003, he moved to St. Petersburg for the development of pilot projects with Sergei Bugaev.
  • In 2004, together with his friends he founded the artistic community “Russia”, which creates new pictorial practice.
  • Since 1987 cofounder and member of the group ” Medical Hermeneutics Inspection” («Инспекция „Медицинская герменевтика“»)


  • 2010 – “The Red Thread”. Gallery M Guelman at Winzavod, Moscow.
  • 1998 – “no one’s great” (with A. Nasonov, I. Dmitriev). L Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1997 – “The Dead End of Our Time” (with V. Zakharov). Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
  • 1995 – “The problem of a souvenir.” Blank Gallery, Kiev.
  • 1994 – «Nervi rennn» (with OS Ziangirovoy, M. Chuykova). Sprinkenhof, Hamburg, Germany.
  • 1994 – «Mentale Landschaften Russlands» (jointly Ziangirovoy O., M. Chuykova). Galerie Parzival, Berlin, Germany.
  • 1993 – “Aqua Vita” (with O. Ziangirovoy, M. Chuykova). Museum of Contemporary Art, Odessa.
  • 1991 – “Sergei Anufriev – Alexander Gnilitsky.” 1.0 Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1983 – Exhibition at the apartment of Nikolai Alekseev. APTART, Moscow.


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