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  • Russian artist.
  • studied drawing in Tatiana Kiparisova’s studio
  • graduated the Moscow Physical-Engineering Institute with a consentration in «Applied mathematics» with distinction in 1985
  • In 1985-87 organized the group «Parallel Actions», acquainting the Moscow rock – stage with poetic performance (in partnership with the poet Arcadiy Semenov and the rock – group «Polite Refusal»)
  • In 1987-88 together with the composer Camil Chalaev and the group «Metro» created the artistic association «Theatre – post», which carried out a number of actions and performances, of which the best known are: «The Earth and the Factory», «Afonasiy», «AIDS in the time of the Plague»
  • In 1990 produced first video art work.
  • Since 1993 introduced into artistic practice the concept of «post-installation», began working with virtual sculpture, digital multimedia
  • In 1995-96 received a grant from the Berlin Academy of Arts (Akademie der Kunst).
  • In 2007 he was the curator of the exhibition «Dvoeslovie/Dialogue», the first exhibition of contemporary art in a functioning orthodox church in Moscow
  • In 2010 he won the «Opencall» Art competition of the Media Arts Moscow International Symposium «Pro&Contra» in the nomination of «Screen interactive media»



  • 2011 - «Free love». Central House of Artist, Moscow.
  • 2010 - «Bread of Heaven». The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. «Hinter dem Horizont». Stift Melk, Austria.
  • 2008 - «Mount Tabor». Ravenscourt gallery, Moscow.
  • 2007 - «Grace Major». Minoriten Galeries im Priestseminar, Graz, Austria.
  • 2005 - «All the rest». Artstrelka Projects, Moscow, «Consecration». Aidan Gallery, Moscow.
  • 2004 - «The Sun of Truth, Good and Beauty». Museums Quartier, Vienna.
  • 2003 - «Maria». Gallery M.Guelman, Moscow.
  • 2002 - «Fallen». State Contemporary Art Center, Moscow. «Mein Gold». NoName Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland. «Chorus». Art Moscow Workshop, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
  • 2001 - «Bitter». Art Moscow Workshop, Central House of Artist, Moscow.
  • 2000 - «Joy». Fine Art Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1999 - «Protest Song». Fine Art, Moscow. «Love». Sandmann + Haak, Hannover, Germany.
  • 1998 - «Gor Chahal 1989-1991». Photobyennale’98, Manezh Gallery, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
  • 1997 - «Love». Guelman Gallery, Moscow. «MAN». Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow.
  • 1996 - «309,6 K». Exhibition hall «Fenix», Moscow. «Human-faced art». L-gallery, Moscow.
  • 1995 - «Eye arming». Scola Gallery, Moscow.
  • 1993 - «The Fields». Central House of Artists, Moscow.
  • 1992 - «I’m striding on the water». Galeria Sprovieri, Rome.
  • 1991 - «On the bottom». First Gallery, Moscow. «Black light». Gallery on Trekhprudny Lane, Moscow.
  • 1990 - «Gor Chahal». First Gallery, Moscow.


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