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Yuri Kalendarev was born in Leningrad, USSR on June 20, 1947, where he studied engineering at Leningrad Aircraft Institute and sculpture at Yusupov Palace, from 1963-67. In 1970 he studied monumental sculpture at the Higher Institute of Art, Leningrad. At this time, he aligned with the non-conformist art movement and investigated stone carving at “Monumentsculptura,” also in Leningrad. In 1974-75, Kalendarev participated in the Leningrad Non-Conformist exhibition at Nevsky Dvoretz, Leningrad; and took part in the first underground exhibitions of “Group Aleph” in Moscow. Soon after, Yuri was granted permission to travel to Israel and established permanent residence at Artist’s Village Ein Hod, Israel in 1976. For the remainder of the 1970’s and continuing throughout the 1980’s, he taught sculpture at Haifa University and traveled to Italy, Africa, Brazil and Russia. He established a studio in Carrara, Italy in 1979. In his work from the 1990’s, Kalendarev experimented with light as a sculptural medium, receiving commissions for Column of Light in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia and Project for Kilian in Kiel, Germany. He continues to push the boundaries of sculptural media with projects involving sound and artificial environments. Yuri Kalendarev has had one man shows in the USA, Israel, Switzerland and Germany, and has also participated in group exhibitions in Russia, Canada, Israel, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway and Denmark.



  • 2011 - Yuri Kalendarev – Beyond The Sound. Sound Sculptures. - Barbarian-Art Gallery, Zurich
  • 2010 - Yuri Kalendarev – Klang Skulpturen und Arbeiten auf Papier - Galerie Annemarie M. Andersen, Zurich


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