Winterthur | Switzerland





  • Russian artist. Curator and the historian of art Andrey Khlobystin represents in D-137 gallery an exhibition of is picturesque-graphic products and light objects on motives of the creativity of the end 1980 – the beginnings of 1990th years.
  • In critical first third 1990th years Khlobystin creates the vital project under the name ” Art will “, including the edition of the same almanac, installation and performances. A subject of representation of “Art will ” in its first numbers and actions becomes revolutionary fermentation of a society and free fermentation of outstanding minds.
  • To the middle 1990 Khlobystin has thought up concept “dzen-dandyism”. Then magic shine of glamour amplified every year, and Khlobystin very much in time has paid attention that дендизм (Dandyism) is a paradoxical discipline, esthetics a body, at times rather grotesquely, as a stronghold of unlimited and whimsical personal will.
  • It prefers heroes and characters, which bear the behavior (radical residing as spoke then Khlobystin) a message that creativity is freedom from dogmatism.
  • Khlobystin starts to collect such human examples in a collection of the dandy, frickes, foolishes, sacred, spending selection among historic figures of not very well what time and pulling together Feodor Tolstoy-American, the aristocrat, the adventurer and the duelist, with Valery Tcherkasov, the driven off father Leningrad.


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