Winterthur | Switzerland


KOMAR Vitaly



Sots Art is a term, which was created by artists and co-authors Vitaly Anatolyevich Komar and Aleksandr Danilovich Melamid in 1972 as an analogous movement to western pop-art and combined the names of two movements in 20th century art: Soviet “Socialist Realism” and American “pop-art.” In their early works from the late 1960s and early 1970s, the artists of Komar & Melamid ironically transformed familiar slogans, signs and forms of Soviet propaganda which had lost their ideological pathos, and had become objects for artistic representation. After emigrating to New York in 1977, Komar and Melamid created several series of work (“Nostalgia for Social Realism,” 1982-83, “Anarchic Synthesis,” 1984-86) in which the artists juxtaposed different styles and layers of history, using the “political polyptych” method, which they had developed. In 2004 the creative union of Komar & Melamid disbanded.


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