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LYSOV Alexander


  • Russian artist, representative of the generative art.
  • Artist Alexander Lysov creates his works using computer programs. His works are removed from the individual, social situations. He takes as a basis complex nonlinear combinations of parameters that form an image. In some cases, the software is editing already existing images. It is possible to create images from straight lines, vary the parameters, and modify styles. All affect the final result and is a form of abstract expressionism. The artist calls this the process of introducing chaos into a product.
  • There are few artists in the world who do generative art. It is a young movement, first works date back to the 70-ties of the last century.


  • 2010 “Kamasutra spoon” Moscow Museum of Modern Art, II Moscow International Biennale of Young Art
    “Intimate capital” II Moscow International Biennale of Young Art
    Node1.Moscow (curator) Art-Residence, Moscow
    “Freedom of choice” exhibition, Vspolny galeery, Moscow
    “City One Minutes” in “Garage” Art Center, Moscow
    “City One Minutes” on-line exibition
    “New Culture Festival”, Moscow
    “iPhone Therefore iArt” Chicago Art Department, Chicago, USA
  • 2009 Home exhibitions “California”, “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”, “Home museum”, “Graphics pt.1″ Moscow
    Frieze Projects Open Call 2009, London
    “Second Square”, “Open Scene theater” Moscow
  • 2008 “Regale” Zverev’s center of contemporary art, Moscow
  • 2007 “Migration” Artraum, Khohlovsky 7, Moscow

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