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MAMYSHEV Vladislav



  • Born on October 12, 1969 in Leningrad. In 1986 he graduated from the literary school № 27, Class Benjamin Kaverina.
  • Since 1986 he has been working with the artistic group “New Artists”, created by Timur Novikov. From 1987 to 1989 he served as an artist and director of children’s club in the Soviet Army at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
  • Known for his transformation into the famous people, often in the context of performance, but also during the opening days of his or other people’s shows. The first incarnations of the artist has become a heroine Marilyn Monroe, first Vladislav Mamyshev changed into it, when he served in the Army, then the proposal Sergei Kuriokhin repeated several times that image to the performance of “Popular Mechanics” [1].
  • In 1989, together with Yuris Lesnik and Timur Novikov creates “Pirate TV”, a story which again appears in an image of Marilyn Monroe, and also performs almost all other roles. Since then, the artist assigned alias Vlad Monroe or Mamyshev Monroe. Figures used in the “Pirate TV”, did Vlad Monroe’s most famous drag queen of the Soviet, and the very “Pirate TV” is the first in the history of Russian contemporary art project in the genre of new media.
  • -     In the 1990s, became one of the regular contributors XL-gallery. Occasionally writes articles and book reviews in the “Cabinet”, Art Magazine and “Ptjuch.”
  • In 1999, the thirtieth anniversary of the artist in St. Petersburg, and they released the latest edition of the anthology “Dantes” entirely devoted to Vladislav Mamysheva Monroe.
  • In 2000, the artist finds himself a new favorite image – Soviet film star Lyubov Orlova.
  • In 2003, Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe participated in the exhibition “Caution, Religion!” For her artist makes photo collage with the same title as the exhibition. January 18, 2003 Sakharov Center, which hosted the exhibition vandalnomu been attacked by the defenders of orthodoxy, almost all the exhibits have been damaged, destroyed or stolen. Collage Vladislav Mamysheva Monroe “Caution, Religion!” Was broken and filled with blue paint.
  • In 2004, the “Ren-TV” is the author’s column – “Pink power” – in a weekly television Artemy Troitsky “Signs of Life”.
  • In 2006, Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe by director Paul Labazova and Andrei Silvestrov creates his own version of the full-length film “Volga-Volga” with him in the role of Dunya Petrova. In the old Alexander’s comedy in all the scenes with the main character instead of the head of Lyubov Orlova was substituted head Vladislav Mamysheva-Monroe in the image of the famous actress, playing Dunya Petrov, in addition, the film was redubbed, songs and cues Dunya Petrova were executed by the artist. The film premiered in the same year at the Rotterdam Festival, and in 2007 the new “Volga-Volga” takes Kandinsky Prize in the category of media-year project.
  • In December 2012, Vladislav Mamyshev Monroe sang the title role in the New Year fashion statement “full” to “Politeatre.”



  • 1996 – 
Life of great people. Yakut gallery, Moscow
  • 1997
 – Russian questions. State Russian museum, St.Petersburg
My name is Trinity. XL Gallery, Moscow
  • 2001
 – Cruel Romance. Aidan Gallery, Moscow
Every passion is blind and wild. XL Gallery, Moscow
Lyubov Orlova. Guelman gallery, Moscow
  • 2002
 – Tin-Tin. Ilona Orel gallery, Paris
  • 2003
 – My Life. XL Gallery, Moscow
  • 2004
 – Woman as she is. XL Gallery, Moscow
Dostoevsky in flowers. XL Gallery, Moscow
  • 2005 – 
New Pirate TV. XL Gallery, Moscow
  • 2006
 – Every beast has a bit of Monroe. XL Gallery, Moscow

Russia lost. XL Gallery, Moscow


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