• Russian photography artist.
  • Olga Tobreluts studied architecture at the State College of Architecture in Leningrad (1986-88) and completed a course in computer graphics at the Institute ART+COM (Berlin) in 1989. Her early work was focused on the study of ornaments and video production.
  • Since 1994 she has been working as a digital artist. In 1998 she won the second prize in competition GRIFFELKUNST “Best European Computer graphics” in Hamburg.
  • Olga Tobreluts belonges to the New Academy of Fine Arts founded in St. Petersburg by Timur Novikov.
  • Olga Tobreluts lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.


  • 2012 Upgrade, Lazarev Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2012 The New Mythology, Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy
  • 2012 Pieta et resurrection, Orel Art Gallery, Paris, France
  • 2012 Focus on Russia I, FotoFest 2012 Biennale, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX
  • 2012 The Dallas Art Fair, Deborah Colton Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • 2008 TOBRELUTS, Moskow

Kontakt / Bilder